Americhip is the global leader in the design and development of advertising and marketing technologies to the world’s top ad agencies and consumer brands. Please see below a sampling of work from our design studio featuring our patented Video in Print™ technology used in custom video brochures, video books, video packaging, digital signage and point of sale displays designed to captivate your target audience. We’d love to hear your story and help you share it with your customers using the most innovative video marketing technologies available today – please contact us!

Dell - Make the Call Book

mobile in print book

Neiman Marcus Super Pop Up

dimensional brochure

Honeywell POS Display

point of sale display

Febreze Direct Mail Book

dimensional book

Kraft Mio Magazine Insert

water reveal insert

Ion Television Book

dimensional card

Windex POS Display

video packaging

Audi Video Book

video book

Mazda6 Video Book

video in print

Hulu Specialty Promo Package

specialty packaging

ION 3D Video Mailer

video mailer

Fiserv Audio Card

Audio Card

PSAV Lighted 3D Stage Mailer

Lighted 3D Stage Mailer

USPS Video Brochure

video brochure

Biogen Webkey Mailer

Webkey Mailer

BMW Lighted Brochure

LED Diffuser

Mini Webkey Mailer

webkey mailer

HP Video Brochure

video brochure

Norelco Video Blade

POS Video Display

Verint Video Slate

video slate

Hy-Vee Video Blade

video blade

Coca-Cola iLearn

Video Slate

Trident Video Brochure

video brochure

Cisco Video Brochure

video brochure

Hewlett-Packard Direct Mailer

dimensional mailer

Red Bull Promo Packaging

audio packaging

3-D Hologram Displays

digital signage

Belk Video Brochure

video brochure

DQ S'mores POS Display

audio table tent

Kenzo Media Kit

media kit Invitation

video mailer

CEA Video Brochure

video brochure

Avaya Direct Mailer

video mailer

Albertsons Digital Signage

Large Format Displays

BASF Direct Mailer

Audio mailer

Otsuka Video Book

video book

7" Infinity Slate

video slate

Dell Video Brochure

video brochure


audio insert

Intel Video Brochure

video brochure

Pfizer Video Brochure

video brochure

San Diego CVB Flippit

paper engineered mailer

NuvaRing Video Brochure

video brochure

Coca-Cola Drinkable Ads

magazine insert

Acuity Video Book

video book

Vans Point of Sale Display

Point of Sale Display

Alli Shelf Talker

Shelf Talker

Open X Direct Mail

direct mailer

Barter Kings

media kit

Oral-B Lenticular Book

lenticular book

Korean Air

magazine insert

Dancing with the Stars

tactile insert

Aquafina Magazine Insert

magazine insert

Dow Agro Flippit

paper engineered mailer


dimensional mailer


audio insert

Pepsi Jazz

scented magazine insert

Starbucks Advent Calendar

dimensional packaging


video display


paper mailer

Urban Decay

dimensional packaging

Sanofi Lighted Webkey

Lights + Webkey

Lunesta 3D Stage

paper engineered mailer

Nokia Dimensional Packaging

Super Pop-Up Book


video shelf talker

Rachel Roy

video book


dimensional insert

Marines Video Brochure

Video Brochure


Magazine Insert


audio mailer

Sprint Video Book

video book


video packaging

Fifth Third Bank

video book

Bloomingdales 3D Stage

dimensional mailer

Michelin Table Tent

lighted POS display

AMP Video Brochure

video brochure

Monsanto LED Invitation

lighted mailer

IBM Audio Book & Webkey

webkey video book

San Manuel Casino

audio mailer

PNC Bank Video Brochure

video brochure

Novartis Sentinel Video Welcome Kit

Video Welcome Kit and In-Office Educational Display

Astellas Video Brochure

video brochure

Bacardi Magazine Insert

video brochure

Honeywell Audio Card

audio mailer

Winfield Dimensional Brochure

Dimensional Brochure

Curian Picture Changer

Picture Changer

Dell Desktop Display

video display

Bravo Magazine Insert

Dimensional insert

Time Fusion Packaging

video packaging

Cameron Video Brochure

video brochure

Fluke Video Book

video book

Otto Magazine Insert

Video insert

Sandvik Mailer

video mailer

Votivo Video Brochure

video brochure

Hilton Video Binder

video binder

Nestle Video Book

video book

Purex Video Brochure

video brochure

Upper Deck

video packaging

ASU Video Book

video book

Wyndham Video Brochure

Video brochure

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Or, check out some of our most exciting projects:

Promo Kit

NHL Promotional Kit

The NHL was sure to impress and engage its fans with this promotional kit which helped to generate more brand awareness and more fans for years to come.

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Promo Kit»

video brochure

NETFLIX – Trifold Video Brochure

Consider the difference in impact between presenting your television shows using static images on silent paper vs. offering exceptional clips on an actual video player embedded in a high-end brochure.  Breaking new ground is what Netflix is known for, and they knew that for a groundbreaking showpiece Americhip was the only place to turn to.

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video brochure»

magazine insert

Twinings Specialty Magazine Insert

Sometimes the most effective solution is the simplest: give your customers a sample of your product. Twinings wanted to reach upscale food lovers, so what better place to run a creative Americhip Multisensory Insert than between the pages of Bon Appetit?

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magazine insert»

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