Americhip: Castor & Pollux Pet Food Patented 7" Video Blade


Castor & Pollux Pet Food Patented 7" Video Blade

Castor & Pollux Pet Food Patented 7" Video Blade


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When you have multiple brands that you need to advertise in market but only have limited area on shelf, how can you communicate various branding messages to your shoppers?


This high-end pet food company wanted to highlight key messaging in store for both its Organix brand and its Pristine brand.  Americhip worked with Castor & Pollux to develop a clever instore campaign utilizing our Patented 7” Video Blades.  Deploying our “No Touch” motion sensor, we designed the Video Blade to trigger alternating videos each time a shopper enters the aisle. As such, consumers learn about both Organix and Pristine and why one or both are right for their pet needs.

Make sure you're grabbing attention and educating your key shoppers at the point of sale with a Patented Shelf-Edge Video Blade.  Our “No Touch” motion sensor is the perfect trigger for today’s world—it ensures your message still gets seen and heard and it keeps all of the shoppers safe.

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