Americhip: Vicor Patented 7” Video Book


Vicor Patented 7” Video Book

Vicor Patented 7” Video Book

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When you’ve discovered a better way to deliver a product or service to the marketplace, what tool gives you the best opportunity to break through and open up new accounts?


For Vicor, a leading supplier in the fields of power and electric automobiles, that answer was simple:  put our product right into the hands of our top customers and prospects with an innovative Video Training Book.  Americhip partnered with Vicor to design a sleek hardbound book with a soft touch lam finish on the outside.  When recipients open the book, they are immediately impressed with the large 7” video screen and begin engaging with several videos highlighting the battery technology and customers’ testimonials about its high end performance.  To ensure each Video Book gets opened, we designed a four color printed shipper carton to ensure recipients knew this was something special. 

When you need to break through, open new accounts and grow your business be sure you’re using the most compelling communication tool available — an innovative Video Book or Brochure from Americhip.

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