Americhip: Under Armour Shelf Talker


Under Armour Shelf Talker

Under Armour Shelf Talker

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One of the biggest challenges that brands face in the retail channel is to have their product stand out among the vast selection of competitors.  When Under Armour launched their new line of mouthpieces and mouth guards with Armourbite™ technology, it was imperative that consumers were able to not only notice this new Under Armour product, but also be able to differentiate their product from the competitors while in-store.

In order to meet their in-store marketing objectives, Under Armour worked with Americhip to design and produce an interactive video-shelf talker.  The unit had an eye-catching yellow and black design that stopped traffic in-aisle as well as a built-in Video Screen with a large red button to play a video on the new Armourbite™ technology.  The units were strategically placed in stores to educate consumers with video content that they can “bite” into and ultimately set the Under Armour brand apart from the competition.


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