Americhip: Allergan CoolSculpting Patented 5” Video Brochure


Allergan CoolSculpting Patented 5” Video Brochure

Allergan CoolSculpting Patented 5” Video Brochure

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When you’ve developed a new product or service that delivers just what your customers want, how can you best communicate that to them at the very moment they are most open to learn?


Develop a sleek Video Brochure that gets mailed out to thousands of doctors’ offices around the country and deployed to educate patients. Americhip partnered with Allergan and its agency to develop a sleek 7” x 5” Video Brochure that highlights its new CoolSculpting technology and answers key FAQs.  When patients and clients visit their local office, an HCP hands them the innovative video device so they can engage and explore whether this new breakthrough procedure might be right for them.  There’s no better time to share your new products and services than when patients are in office and focused on their health and wellness.  And, our technology includes a rechargeable battery so the Video Brochures can be used and recharged for months on end.  Let our patented Video Brochures open the door and encourage patients and clients to ask their HCPs about whether your treatment and protocols can help them achieve their health goals.

Be sure you’re communicating at the point of care in a way that informs and educates your patients. After all, they deserve it.

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