Americhip: Bulova Accutron Patented Video Branding Brochure


Bulova Accutron Patented Video Branding Brochure

Bulova Accutron Patented Video Branding Brochure

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When you’re launching a high-end product that is all about style and sophistication how do you ensure your marketing communication and branding pieces properly mirror that level of sophistication?


Create an elegant Video Brochure that shows and tells everything about your brand so your key influencers, retailers and media reps instantly recognize the uniqueness of your product.  Bulova was reintroducing its iconic Accutron timepiece and partnered with Americhip to create a sophisticated Video Brochure to trumpet the relaunch.  The outer cover is designed with stylish black, grey and gold highlights, and then when opened reveals our patented 5” VIP Screen.  The video includes evocative music, and is stylishly shot and edited with images referencing the intricate electronic inner workings of the timepiece.  Less can certainly be more with a stylish and sophisticated Video Brochure announcing your new launch.

Let Americhip create just the right Video Brochure to heighten the impact and reflect the core values of your next product launch.

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