Americhip: Shark Ninja Patented 7” Video Blade


Shark Ninja Patented 7” Video Blade

Shark Ninja Patented 7” Video Blade

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When you’ve developed a better product than the competition, how can you most effectively communicate that to busy shoppers right from the retail shelf?


Put our Patented Video Blades to work to show and tell your consumers exactly how your technology beats the competition.  Shark Ninja developed a very clever device that both vacuums and mops hardwood floors at the same time.  Americhip partnered with this innovative appliance maker to deploy our patented 7” Video Blades right on shelf so consumers could watch an energetic and informative 30 second demonstration of the new product in action.  Seeing is believing after all!

Make sure your busy shoppers can see an actual demo of your product by deploying our informative and break through the clutter patented Video Blades.  Your shoppers will reward you.

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