Americhip: NARS Patented 5" Video Branding Brochure


NARS Patented 5" Video Branding Brochure

NARS Patented 5" Video Branding Brochure

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As a leader in your industry, how can you ensure that your new product launch gets the instore placement from key retailers and appropriate buzz from leading influencers it deserves?


Partner with Americhip to launch your product with style with a sleek Video Branding Brochure.  In launching its new Soft Matte foundation product, Nars designed a beautiful, soft touch Video Branding Sleeve that includes compelling content on our 5” screens including both testimonials and product demonstrations from leading stylists. No other marketing piece lets you show and tell just how your product is different and better than the competition. The Brochure was distributed to key retailers and top fashion and beauty influencers to ensure the product launch got the buzz it deserved.

Launch your new product with the style and flare it deserves with a sleek Video Branding Brochure only from Americhip.

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