Americhip: Remicade Patient Education Video Brochure


Remicade Patient Education Video Brochure

Remicade Patient Education Video Brochure

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Janssen needed a communication piece to share with patients newly diagnosed with arthritis that would help them understand what the impact of their new diagnosis would really be like in their lives. 


Janssen utilized Americhip’s patented tri-fold Video in Print Brochure to help share real stories from real patients about what life is like with arthritis.  The compelling communication piece allows new patients to learn about their disease and the questions they need to ask  their doctors from people just like them experiencing the same challenges. Upgrade your patient communications with Americhip's patented video brochures.

Signs of Success:

The initial Video Brochure performed so well for the brand that it produced a completely different Video Mailer for a program the following year.

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