Americhip: Cub Cadet Freestanding Video Metal Kiosk


Cub Cadet Freestanding Video Metal Kiosk


Cub Cadet Freestanding Video Metal Kiosk

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Cub Cadet was launching its new Pro Z Series and needed a point of sale kiosk that stood out and helped to communicate the unique features of the new line to highly experienced professionals familiar with this type of equipment.


Americhip partnered with Cub Cadet and its ad agency to design and manufacture an impressive 66” high metal kiosk complete with a removable 10” video player to educate these professionals on all aspects of the Pro Z series.  We painted the metal display a high gloss yellow to match Cub Cadet’s branding and then added black acrylic faceplates to enhance the overall look.  The kiosk came with an 18” x 18” metal base to secure the kiosk, and then was finished off with our custom 10” media player which secures to the base with heavy duty magnets. The video header can be removed to be charged and to update the content.  The videos educated professional landscapers and farmers about the line’s key new features, including its innovative steering system, best in class deck and pivoting front axle. 

Partner with Americhip to create a rugged custom metal kiosk to educate and impress your customers.

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