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AT&T Video Direct Mailer with Analytics

AT&T Video Direct Mailer with Analytics

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Shaping the future of our world relies solely on the creativity, ingenuity, and vision of the people that live in it. AT&T understood this “power of the crowd” and decided to reach out to these innovators to help them realize what they haven’t yet imagined is possible. The task was to communicate AT&T's message to the world’s best minds to find solutions for both personal and global issues and to invite them to take advantage of AT&T’s collaborative environment.


With the goal of enticing the world’s best minds, AT&T needed a direct mail piece that would not only captivate the reader, but would appeal to the type of visionary that they were looking to attract. AT&T worked with Americhip to develop and produce a direct mail piece that utilized Video in Print Technology with Data Tracking & Analytics. The mailer had a 4.3” LCD Screen that automatically played when the mailer was opened. The video content included a special message from AT&T’s Vice President of Innovation as well as a few inspiring stories of other innovators that are shaping today’s world with the help of AT&T.

One of the more exciting aspects of this execution was the integration of Americhip’s Data Tracking and Analytics capabilities. A fully customized web- based dashboard was created to view real-time data such as number of unique opens, average opens per unit, and even engagement time. Through this application, AT&T was able to measure and assess analytics which allowed the AT&T team to gain valuable insights about their direct mail campaign. Data Tracking has never been possible to truly measure results when campaigns are ran in print, until now. 

Signs of Success:

Not only was AT&T impressed with the Video in Print technology, but they were delighted with the fact that they can now confirm the effectiveness through real-time results measurement. The Chicago Association of Direct Marketing were also impressed and honored AT&T with a first place at the 2014 Tempo Awards, which recognizes achievements in marketing strategy, creativity and innovation. Along with the CADM recognition, The AT&T Direct Mailer was nominated at the 2014 International Echo Awards hosted by the Direct Marketing Association. 

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