Americhip: Exagrid Patented 5” Video Direct Mailer


Exagrid Patented 5” Video Direct Mailer

Exagrid Patented 5” Video Direct Mailer

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When your product ensures the safety of your clients although they may not be aware of the looming risk, how can you educate them about your tech-based solution and drive sales?


Create a high impact video that clearly demonstrates the risk to your clients of not using your products and services and put it directly into the hands of your top prospects so they can’t miss the message.   Americhip partnered with Exagrid to design and manufacture a sleek direct mailer incorporating our 5” Video Screen.  The outer shipper box and brochure cover highlight the risk of Ransomware hackers which is sure to get the attention of any IT Manager or business owner.  The brochure opens to reveal dramatic video detailing the typical cyberattack and devastating consequences every company now faces.  With more than 80% of companies who test the Exagrid product proceeding to actually purchase it, the Video Mailer is a powerful motivator and proven ROI sales driver.

Educate your core audience and drive sales by putting an impactful Video Mailer right into the hands of the key decision makers at your top prospects.

Signs of Success:

The Video Direct Mailer has performed so well for Exagrid that it has reordered twice in just three months since the initial campaign.

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