Americhip: Audi Financial Services “Ask Alexa” In-Dealership Display


Audi Financial Services “Ask Alexa” In-Dealership Display

Audi Financial Services “Ask Alexa” In-Dealership Display

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When purchasers of your product face a buying obstacle, how can you assist them in checking that final box and allowing them to complete their transaction? 


Partner with Americhip to design and create a clever in-dealership display that gives buyers the necessary tool to complete their transactions.  Almost every car buyer knows the final step after test driving the dream vehicle is the dreaded meeting with the finance manager.  Audi and its agency partner worked with Americhip to make that process less painful.  We designed a sturdy desktop display with hidden recesses that allowed a smart speaker to be plugged in while sitting atop the unit. Graphics mounted to each side encourage consumers to “Just Ask Alexa” to get all their questions about financing answered. Then, to further the conversation, we included a QR code that consumers could scan to go directly to a custom page on Audi’s site. 

Be sure you’re giving your shoppers the easiest path to purchase by partnering with Americhip on a clever in-dealership, tech enhanced display.

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