Americhip: Kraft Mio Magazine Insert


Kraft Mio Magazine Insert

Kraft Mio Magazine Insert

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Waves, rapids, geysers and slip-and-slides: water is awesome until it lands in your glass. This is the theme of the latest ad campaign developed by Taxi for the cool new water enhancer MIO.


Watch your whole world change with Americhip’s water reveal technology. Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, the ad utilizes Americhip’s impressive new ‘water reveal’ technology. The printed paper insert invites readers to submerge the ad into water and to watch your whole world change. When wet, the piece reveals a series of hidden messages communicating some of the fun, entertaining and exciting things water has to offer.

Signs of Success:

Days after it was released, the blogosphere was abuzz about the great tasting water enhancer and the innovative ad which continues to be a hit online with YouTube videos, Tweets and countless Facebook mentions. Here is a snapshot of the many comments the ad generated:

"That was awesome! I can’t wait to try the energy MIO too!" -Amelia

"Awesome way to advertise!" -Mark

"That’s so gnarly" -Walker

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