Americhip: Kohler Patented 5” Video Blades


Kohler Patented 5” Video Blades

Kohler Patented 5” Video Blades

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When you have a well-established brand in the marketplace, how can you effectively communicate with shoppers about new and distinctive products and brand extensions?


Develop a clever and informative video that clearly defines the new product line and share it with your consumers right in the store aisle.  Americhip partnered with long time customer Kohler and its Sterling brand to design and roll out a new campaign using our Patented Video Blades.  The animated content highlights Sterling’s brand concept of “Your Shower. Your Way” by demonstrating how the new fixtures can be easily modified to fit any shower and bathroom.  We programmed the video onto our 15” tall rugged Video Blades that were then mounted directly onto the Sterling product in Home Depots around the country.  Shoppers triggered the video on our Blades to educate themselves on the new product, and then were given the opportunity to extend the dialogue by linking to additional materials via the QR codes printed on the Blades.

Put Americhip’s Patented Video Blades to work to help educate your shoppers right in the store aisle.

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