Americhip: Puma Cloud9 Specialty Packaging Video Influencer Kit


Puma Cloud9 Specialty Packaging Video Influencer Kit


Puma Cloud9 Specialty Packaging Video Influencer Kit

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When your brand represents a fresh and hip demographic who has seen it all, how can you impress them with your new launch of product and merchandise?


Go big and wow them.  Puma Cloud9 is one of the most recognizable e-sports organizations in the world and it was launching a new line of clothing and merchandise.  To get key influencers excited about its new gear it needed something spectacular to catch their attention. Americhip designed a huge turned-edge box (2’ long by 1.5’ high x 1.5’ deep) with a hinged lid that when opens reveals our 7” Video Screen playing high energy clips of the e-athletes in battle.  The excitement of competition is matched by the large, turned-edge inset tray holding gear that lifts out to reveal the brand new Puma shoes nestled into a lower level well built into the base of the box.  Every influencer and retailer receiving this spectacular launch kit was amazed at the ingenuity and sheer audacity of the Could9 launch.

Be sure you’re impressing your influencers with a spectacular custom-designed launch kit only from Americhip.

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