Americhip: Bacardi Magazine Insert


Bacardi Magazine Insert

Bacardi Magazine Insert

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Bacardi partnered with the Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana to create a new liquor, Martini Gold. Bacardi and its agency BBDO knew they needed an impressive advertising campaign to live up to this prestigious collaboration. Very simply, Bacardi needed to reach the sophisticated world of high fashion with an equally stylish marketing vehicle.


Given the target demographic, Vogue Russia was the ideal publication to showcase the stunning black and white insert into which Americhip embedded its proprietary Video in Print™ LCD screen. The short black and white film stars Monica Bellucci and has the production value of a feature length film. The video was shot by the Swedish director Jonas Okerlunda who is known for his music videos for Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Signs of Success:

Not only did the December issue of Vogue mark the emergence of Video in Print™ technology in Russia, but it caused major buzz worldwide. The VIP® insert was talked about for weeks by media outlets culminating in a huge press event. Never before had the world seen such a unique combination of digital and print media.


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