Americhip: Hennessy 50 Years of Hip Hop Audio Shelf Unit


Hennessy 50 Years of Hip Hop Audio Shelf Unit

Hennessy 50 Years of Hip Hop Audio Shelf Unit

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When your campaign is tied in with licensed music or other forms of iconic audio messaging, how can you bring that energy into the retail aisle?


Partner with Americhip to create an audio environment right in store to capture the essence of your campaign.  With the launch of its new Very Special brand, Hennessy wanted to honor the 50 year history of Hip Hop culture.  To do so, it partnered with legendary performer Nas to record a message about Hip Hop that was part of the brand’s omni channel campaign launch.  To capture the same energy that was going into Hennessy’s TV, radio and experiential ads, Americhip created an audio shelf-edge unit that plays Nas’ message to spark the campaign’s overall vibe right at the shelf edge.  To help energize this environment we included our motion sensor so the message triggers each time a consumer passes.  As a final engagement element, we printed a QR code on the display to extend the dialogue with each consumer.

When you need to express your campaign's audio component, partner with Americhip to create an innovative Multisensory Shelf Display.

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