Americhip: LG “Double Tap” Custom Lighted Display


LG “Double Tap” Custom Lighted Display


LG “Double Tap” Custom Lighted Display

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LG’s new line has a clever feature that allows owners to tap twice on their refrigerators to trigger internal lighting so they can see what’s inside without having to open the door.  LG needed a solution that would show shoppers this same lighting functionality without the ability to demonstrate it with their actual units as they did not have access to AC power.


Americhip’s engineers created a custom light harness that mounted inside the refrigerator to create the same lighting effect that the working units have.  Our Multisensory harness was battery driven so no AC power was required and our engineers designed the same “double tap” trigger functionality so consumers got to experience this critical selling feature right in store.

Let Americhip enhance your next instore display with lighting, audio, video or other technology to mimic the most important attributes of your product.  Nothing helps consumers understand the strength of your product like the ability to engage with it during the actual shopping experience.

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