Americhip: Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot Magazine Insert


Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot Magazine Insert

Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot Magazine Insert

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Microsoft wanted a high profile ad to announce its Office 365 launch, which gives users access to their network from any location. Microsoft needed a unique and innovative device that would impress and generate buzz about its Office 365 product.


Americhip worked with Microsoft and its agency Starcom to create a live Wi-Fi hotspot directly in Forbes magazine. They decided that the best way to convey this “Office in the Cloud” was to use Americhip’s VIP Live™ technology to gain access to the internet through their specialty magazine insert anywhere users found themselves.

As soon as this issue of Forbes magazine landed, top tech blogs on the internet immediately posted about the cool magazine insert. Users on social networks began posting photos of the ad, generating the buzz that Microsoft was looking for.

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