Americhip: Patented 5” Video Overview Book for Elaris Clinical Study


Patented 5” Video Overview Book for Elaris Clinical Study

Patented 5” Video Overview Book for Elaris Clinical Study

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With patients and consumers overwhelmed with decisions and challenges in pursuing their  medical options, how can companies break through and provide clear and compelling information when those patients are most ready to receive it?


Develop a sleek and informative video guide that answers key FAQs and explains all of the critical medical data and have Americhip distribute it to your core clinics and hospitals.  Americhip partnered with AbbVie and its agency to design and manufacture a patented, casebound 5” Video Book and distributed it to clinics around the country who then handed it out to interested patients.  We deployed our proprietary chapter button technology so patients can engage with the materials across several important categories. With clinical research and related studies being the lifeblood of development, Elaris deployed our informative Video Books to quickly generate a pool of interested participants and populate a critical study.

Make sure your HCPs, patients and other consumers have the critical information they need to make the right decisions.  Put a patented Video Book or Video Brochure directly into their hands at their next appointment.  After all, they deserve it.

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