Americhip: GBT Oxbryta Patented 7” Physician Education Video Mailer


GBT Oxbryta Patented 7” Physician Education Video Mailer

GBT Oxbryta Patented 7” Physician Education Video Mailer

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GBT had new test data on Oxbryta, its treatment for sickle cell disease, and needed a powerful tool to communicate with key HCPs about the results from important recent clinical trials.


Americhip partnered with GBT and its agency to design and produce an impressive Physician Education Video Brochure that can’t be overlooked by busy HCPs.  The oversized Video Mailer (12” x 10”) uses simple copy and a powerful image on the front cover to communicate the product’s ability to stop the cascading effect of the disease, and then opens to introduce two Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who will speak on the results from the recent trials.  The Video Brochure is designed with two chapter buttons, one that presents the KOL speaking to how the product actually works in the body and the other featuring the second KOL speaking on key efficacy and safety information.  The combination of the large Video Brochure, the detailed messaging from the respected KOLs (nearly 20 minutes of content!) and our custom printed shipper box delivers an impressive impact on physicians and other HCPs.

Partner with Americhip to produce a custom Video Education Mailer to ensure your communication pieces are breaking through and connecting with your key HCPs.

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