Americhip: Rust-Oleum Digital Signage End Cap


Rust-Oleum Digital Signage End Cap

Rust-Oleum Digital Signage End Cap

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When your brand faces stiff competition in the retail space, how do you make a strong statement that you are a major player and consumers need to engage with your products when looking for best in class options?


Go big and make a major statement!  Americhip partnered with Rust-Oleum and its agency to design and manufacture an impressive end cap with three 18” digital screens stacked vertically.  The Video Display demonstrates a compelling story around Rust-Oleum’s new campaign:  Plan Smart, Buy Smart and Paint Smart.  Each individual screen highlights key attributes and features of the new products, and then in a dramatic shift the individual images morph into a single image of a full gallon of paint streaming across the elongated video landscape.  No shopper can resist such a compelling visual story.

Make sure your product is getting the attention it deserves at the point of sale with a custom Digital Signage Display from Americhip. 

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