Americhip: Clinique Multisensory Education Brochure


Clinique Multisensory Education Brochure

Clinique Multisensory Education Brochure

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Clinique was launching a new product in its Smart Clinical MD line and needed an innovative education piece for its instore trainers to share with busy shoppers.


Americhip partnered with Clinique’s Marketing Team to develop a smart brochure to help demonstrate the transformative nature of this new product.  What appears at first to be a traditional brochure reveals its smart nature when opened to disclose a large crystal clear mirror on the inside spread.  The Clinique Education Team is able to identify the concern areas on the face and neck of each shopper by using the printed overlay on the mirror, and then apply the new product to show how quickly the transformation can occur.  Rather than just telling about the performance, the Smart Brochure demonstrates exactly how and where the transformation takes place.

Need a low-cost and smart educational tool to help your consumers better understand your brand?  Partner with Americhip to create a Multisensory Material Training Brochure to show and tell exactly how your product helps their transformation.

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