Americhip: Cutting Edge Laser Technologies Patented Video Mailers


Cutting Edge Laser Technologies Patented Video Mailers

Cutting Edge Laser Technologies Patented Video Mailers

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What are the strongest marketing tools available to support your tech-enhanced product and ensure your users and resellers understand its key benefits and selling features?


Nothing else can present your tech driven product as effectively as a state of the art patented Video Brochure from Americhip.  We partnered with Cutting Edge Laser Technologies to develop a video marketing brochure highlighting its new Robotic MLS Laser Therapy treatment.  The video mailers were targeted to orthopedic surgeons around the country.  The sleek brochures open to reveal the video content playing immediately to engage physicians on the key features behind the robotic laser technology and also includes a testimonial from a leading expert in the field. 

Partner with Americhip to develop an innovative Video Brochure to better engage and inform your core audience.   

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