Americhip: Victorinox Product Mount 7" Video Display


Victorinox Product Mount 7" Video Display

Victorinox Product Mount 7" Video Display

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When your product stands out against the competition in terms of quality and design but is limited in terms of available signage space in store, how can you best communicate product features and benefits to busy shoppers?


Americhip partnered with Victorinox, the 135 year old Swiss Company famed for its Swiss Army knives and high end watches, to develop a video merchandise unit to highlight its sophisticated luggage line.  The problem the brand faced was that there was nowhere to place marketing materials in store and in today’s lean environment it’s a major challenge to find any staff people available from the retailer to discuss the product.  Knowing this, Americhip partnered with Victorinox to design and manufacture a custom mounting bracket for our Stock 7” Video Display so that it could mount directly to the handle of the luggage.  The bold graphics panel and flashing red LED attract shoppers who then select among five video chapter buttons to learn every detail and nuance of this high end luggage and travel gear.  When you take pride in the craftsmanship and quality that goes into your product, make sure you’re communicating that to your consumers right in the retail aisle.     

Partner with Americhip to develop a stock or custom video display solution that delivers key product details and design information right at the point of sale—or better yet, right on the product itself when possible.

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