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Syngenta Patented Video Book

Syngenta Patented Video Book

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Farmers are a notoriously tough group to market to. They are seasoned experts with generations of knowledge and first-hand experience. They are typically ambivalent toward traditional sales materials. Syngenta needed a unique communications tool for its Clariva Complete product that would speak to growers in a direct and impactful manner.


Americhip worked with Syngenta and its agency to create a straight talking Video Brochure that gave farmers all the data and details with no fluff.  The inside spread includes detailed reports on crop testing and performance data.  The growers are then educated through a detailed animation playing on our patented 5" video screen demonstrating how the product protects their soybean crops and delivers a 5% yield increase.  Partner with Americhip to develop a video education tool perfectly suited to your key partners.

Signs of Success:

Syngenta has utilized our patented Video in Print technology for four different campaigns targeting farmers and growers.

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