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Some people like to read stories between the covers of books. Others prefer stories delivered digitally. Thanks to Video in Print™, you can reach both kinds of consumers with one exquisite communication piece. An Americhip Video Book is the ultimate storytelling tool; imagine the surprise when your customers open the cover of your Video Book to find not only printed text but a clear, bright digital screen displaying the story of your brand. Whether you choose short or long videos on our small or large screens, Video Books offer an incomparable way to share memories, tell stories, and introduce new ideas—all housed in a beautifully designed hardcover keepsake. Imagine that.

Dell - Make the Call Book

mobile in print book

Febreze Direct Mail Book

dimensional book

Ion Television Book

dimensional card

Audi Video Book

video book

Mazda6 Video Book

video in print

Otsuka Video Book

video book

Acuity Video Book

video book

Oral-B Lenticular Book

lenticular book

Sanofi Lighted Webkey

webkey video book

Rachel Roy

video book

Sprint Video Book

video book

Fifth Third Bank

video book

IBM Audio Book & Webkey

webkey video book

Novartis Sentinel Video Welcome Kit

Video Welcome Kit and In-Office Educational Display

Fluke Video Book

video book

Nestle Video Book

video book

ASU Video Book

video book

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scented magazine insert

Pepsi Jazz

Bass-rich audio, a super pop-up with dancing musical notes, and a scratch-and-sniff that lets people sample Pepsi’s aroma. This insert turned the introduction of Pepsi Jazz into a Premiere.

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scented magazine insert»

video brochure

Paul Mitchell Video Brochure

In order to tell the story behind their new product line, Paul Mitchell teamed up with Americhip to produce a sleek video brochure that elevated the Paul Mitchell brand while also delivering important product info that was sure to dazzle and impress its audience.

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dimensional brochure

Neiman Marcus Super Pop Up

Neiman Marcus delights consumers during the holidays with a collection of super pop-ups.

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dimensional brochure»

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