Americhip: Sessions Supply Co. New Product Launch Kit/Retailer Package


Sessions Supply Co. New Product Launch Kit/Retailer Package

Sessions Supply Co. New Product Launch Kit/Retailer Package

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With the cannabis industry just stepping into the mainstream, leading suppliers need an impressive product launch kit to let their partners and retailers know they're a legitimate player in this emerging market.


Deliver such an impressive specialty package that everybody in your industry gets the message loud and clear:  this is a new player to be taken seriously. Americhip partnered with Sessions Supply Co. to design and produce a mega-sized launch kit (20” long x 12” deep x 4” tall) that carries 11 different products all housed in a dense foam insert topped with plush velvet.  The Launch Kit opens to reveal our large 7” Video Screen which immediately triggers to play a high energy clip setting the tone for the new brand.  This impressive Video Launch Kit more than fit the bill for Session’s tagline:  Elevating Experiences.

Be sure you are elevating experiences with your next product launch by partnering with Americhip to create an impressive specialty video package. 

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