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Takeda Pull n Pop Mailer

Takeda Pull n Pop Mailer

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Takeda Pharmaceuticals needed a memorable device to introduce their new Uloric drug to the Pharma market in the most compelling way possible. This new treatment option for gout was Americans who have hyperuricemia associated with gout.


The Pharma market is saturated with marketing pieces for new product offerings. Pharmacists and physicians are sophisticated consumers and also extremely busy. They need fast facts delivered in a unique way to get their attention. You get one chance to impress or your message gets lost.


A Takeda-run seminar for key Pharma spokespeople and influencers provided a golden opportunity. Americhip created a compact, head-turning, hands-on take-home piece that utilized Americhip’s patented Pull and Pop™ and web-key technology. As the pulltab is slid out, a pop-out, resembling the Uloric box, suddenly springs up with the web-key attached. With Americhip’s web-key technology, the doctors and pharmacists are taken directly to a personalized url and able to quickly study the relevant points. Web-key technology provides extensive back-end data for every brand and is a key component to measure ROI for any campaign.


The seminar attendees were able to read the information at their leisure, and then use their webkey to access a private website that contained more information about this ground-breaking new product. This technique immediately fostered a sense of one-on-one dialogue – and provided the awareness this program demanded. The Pull and Pop™ and webkey technology earned the attention of a demanding market – rendering itself an effective antidote to the less inspirational marketing alternatives.

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