Americhip: Fiserv Patented 4.3” Video Marketing Mailer


Fiserv Patented 4.3” Video Marketing Mailer

Fiserv Patented 4.3” Video Marketing Mailer

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This global provider of financial services technologies had the strongest product in the marketplace, but faced challenges breaking through to top customers and prospects to demonstrate how its new “Engagement Advantage” package was superior to the competition.


The answer was right there in the customer’s campaign tag line:  Intelligence on Display.  Fiserv partnered with Americhip to develop an intelligent Video Booklet and custom shipper that clearly outlined why their product was far superior and a better tool for the marketplace than any competitive product.  Only our Video Mailers can show and tell your customers and prospects what makes your offering unique.

When you have a strong story to tell and need help breaking through, partner with Americhip and put a Video Mailer directly into the hands of your customers and prospects to “intelligently display” your competitive advantages.

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