Americhip: PLEX Patented 5” Video Brochure


PLEX Patented 5” Video Brochure

PLEX Patented 5” Video Brochure

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When you’re looking to grow your business, what B2B marketing tool is most effective in breaking through and grabbing the attention of key customers and prospects?


For the past ten  years no marketing communication device has performed better as a B2B prospecting tool than our patented Video Brochures and Video Mailers.  Plex developed a state of the art controls program that helps manufacturers minimize cost and drive efficiencies.  Americhip partnered with Plex to develop a patented Video Mailer and self-shipper that clearly communicates its campaign strategy:  Manufacturers Speak Out in Support of Plex.  Rather than tell its own story, Plex utilized our Video in Print technology to allow its customers to share their success stories with compelling video case studies highlighting how the Plex platform allows them to accomplish their objectives.  Your prospects will be impressed and highly motivated when they hear and see your customers' testimonials in a Video Brochure delivered directly to their desk.

When you have a compelling story to tell, make sure you're using the most effective communications tool available in the market today to grow your business.

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