Americhip: Aquaphor 4.3" Video Blade


Aquaphor 4.3" Video Blade

Aquaphor 4.3" Video Blade

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In the crowded aisles of today's retail outlets - whether big box, drug, specialty or grocery - how do you stand out and highlight your product against the competition?


Aquaphor made a bold statement on shelf with Americhip’s patented 4.3" Video Blade. This 15" high digital billboard makes a bold statement right at the point of sale. Get consumers to stop and shop by sharing your brand story and other important product information with these innovative communication devices. Our Video Blades mount easily to the shelf, require no bulky battery packs, have a sleek profile and can trigger either with a push button or motion sensor. Highlight your product in style with Americhip's Video Blades. 

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