Americhip: Bain & Company New Hire Kit


Bain & Company New Hire Kit

Bain & Company New Hire Kit

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In the sophisticated world of corporate management and international consulting firms, how can you ensure that your customer solicitations and employment offers generate the response you need to maintain your competitive edge?


Partner with Americhip to design a sophisticated New Hire Kit that speaks to the firm’s vision and global leadership position.  Bain & Company worked with Americhip to design and produce a deluxe, turned-edge package with soft touch finish.  Recipients open the specialty package to reveal a stylish black inlay mounted to the top of the kit with a white global map created in a pointillism style with special notations for each Bain office.  We also designed the four-color shipper to protect the kit in transit to ensure the sophisticated package arrives looking pristine.    When you deliver your message with this level of sophistication the message is clear:  we’re looking only for the best.

When you need to impress clients, prospects, channel partners or potential new hires be sure to partner with Americhip to create a deluxe specialty package to deliver the brand positioning your company deserves.

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