Americhip: Roche Patented 4G Mobile in Print Mailer


Roche Patented 4G Mobile in Print Mailer

Roche Patented 4G Mobile in Print Mailer

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When you need two-way communication with your top HCPs or patients, how do you get them to stop long enough to engage with your team to learn about your new product offerings?


Partner with Americhip to produce a patented 4G Mobile in Print brochure that allows physicians and office staff to make live phone calls or send text messages directly through the printed page.  These innovative Mobile in Print brochures ship out directly to physicians’ offices, and when the busy HCPs are ready all they need to do is push a button to speak with your support team.  Or, if they prefer, they push a different button to send a pre-written text to your Account Rep asking them to come in for a demonstration. Give your HCPs a direct communications portal to your team and see your performance levels increase dramatically.

Get the access you need to key physicians, patients and HCPs with Americhip’s Mobile in Print Mailers.

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