Americhip: AZO E-Ink Flashing Shelf Blade


AZO E-Ink Flashing Shelf Blade

AZO E-Ink Flashing Shelf Blade

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When your product is being overlooked on shelf because shoppers are not aware of its key attributes, how can you best educate consumers with a tool that can flash continuously over the entire campaign run?


Grab attention and then deliver a clear message with long-flashing E-Ink technology.  AZO used our E-Ink technology to spell out the specific symptom relief provided by its product that none of the competition could match.  The compact shelf-edge E-Ink Blade takes up only 8" of shelf space and is able to flash three different sets of messages on the electronic panel.  And, this long-lasting illuminated technology can flash for up to six months or more, 24/7, without requiring any change of batteries.

Stop shoppers right in the aisle and then spell out your product’s unique attributes with long-flashing E-Ink technology from Americhip.

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