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AMP Video Brochure

AMP Video Brochure

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After a recent merger between AMP and AXA, the “new” AMP emerged as the largest specialist wealth management company in Australia.
In its new role, AMP needed an equally impressive marketing vehicle to announce itself as the newest and biggest and to spread its mission and motto of “helping people have a better tomorrow”.


Founded on AMP’s maxim “Everything starts with advice”, Americhip’s patented Video in Print technology provided the perfect medium to communicate this message to financial advisors. AMP’s agency Banjo partnered with Americhip to produce a sleek magazine insert featuring our proprietary 2.4” LCD screen.

Banjo chose the most prestigious financial publication in Australia, Money Management, to house the first ever magazine insert in Australia. The high tech ad included two messages from the CEO of AMP, Craig Dunn, addressing his target audience of financial advisors directly.


With a business built on delivering advice in a lucid and straightforward manner the appeal of video storytelling is clear. Video in Print is the perfect merger of the print and digital medium.

“It’s hard to cut through with broadcast advertising in the financial services B2B space. Our task was to impress our audience not only with the content of our message but also the medium we used. We knew that cover wraps, whilst effective, wouldn’t create the wow we were after. The innovation that the Americhip insert provided was exactly what we needed to cut through and demonstrated our core message perfectly. As a bonus it tied back into the optimism and future focused essence of the AMP brand." -Mark Richardson, Managing Director, AMP.

“The VIP unit generated immediate interest from some of our biggest clients and other advertisers in the finance industry.” -Andrew Lim, Production Coordinator, Money Management.

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