Americhip: Lego Hidden Side Patented 7” Video Blade


Lego Hidden Side Patented 7” Video Blade

Lego Hidden Side Patented 7” Video Blade


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When you launch a product that includes new technology how can you best communicate the full value of your new line to shoppers right in the store aisle?


Show and tell the full experience of the new technology with a patented shelf-edge Video Blade. Lego launched its new Hidden Side toy line which includes interactive Augmented Reality technology that allows kids (and all those older fans too) to use their phones to interact with the 3D Lego environment.  To make sure shoppers of all ages understand this new play opportunity, Americhip partnered with Lego and its agency to design a large Video Blade that sits on the shelf and includes a 4 step pictograph on how to play.  Even better, shoppers can then push a button to watch a 30 second demonstration of kids actually using AR to engage with the haunted town.  The Video Blades are deployed in Walmarts all across the country.

Make sure you are able to stop fans right in the store aisle and educate them on your products and technologies with a custom Video Blade from Americhip. 

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