Americhip: Asparlas Patented 5” Video Educational Manual


Asparlas Patented 5” Video Educational Manual

Asparlas Patented 5” Video Educational Manual

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When you have extensive technical data and clinical trial results supporting your product, what tools are available to communicate your product’s strong performance to the marketplace and your key healthcare professionals?


They say seeing is believing, so let your core audience see and hear why your product is better than other treatment options. Americhip partnered with Asparlas and its agency to develop a Video Education Manual that is as simple as it is effective.  Utilizing a noted Key Opinion Leader to share the results from his actual treatment history and to provide expert analysis on key testing data, the Video Brochure delivers a compelling 5 minute presentation differentiating Asparlas from other available treatments.  To extend the dialogue with this core audience, we included a QR code on the back side of the brochure that can be scanned to access a site with detailed supporting data and information.  And, to ensure the Video Training Manual would not be missed, we distributed it in a printed shipper box announcing the video brochure inside.

When you need to educate and influence your core audience let a KOL present your brand story and data directly to HCPs with an innovative Video Brochure from Americhip. 

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