Americhip: NALU 5” Video Product Launch Kit


NALU 5” Video Product Launch Kit

NALU 5” Video Product Launch Kit

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When you’ve developed a new product that outperforms the competition, how can you make sure your key channel partners understand the unique features and benefits that make your brand stand out?


Don’t just tell them about it, develop an innovative video product launch kit that shows exactly how your technology outshines the competition.  Americhip partnered with NALU and its agency to develop a sleek Video Demonstration Box that was mailed out to clinics around the country.  When healthcare professionals open the package they see the actual medical device housed in a custom well and then our high quality 5”screen begins playing an informative video in which medical professionals and actual patients demonstrate how the product is used and why the technology is so much more effective than other products on the market.

When you’re launching a new product make sure your partners and prospects get fully educated on the technology and value behind your brand by deploying a Video Launch Kit from Americhip. 

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