Americhip: Lego Super Mario64 Mystery Display Box


Lego Super Mario64 Mystery Display Box

Lego Super Mario64 Mystery Display Box


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When you’re launching a new product full of innovative features and unique elements, how can you best communicate that product’s core nature to busy shoppers who don’t have the time or interest to read a manual?


Partner with Americhip to design an in-store communication tool that is as creative as the product itself.  Much like the iconic video game, Lego’s new Super Mario 64 Game Set includes numerous Easter eggs and other surprises that will thrill its many fans.  Americhip partnered with Lego and its agency to create an 8” cubed product replica designed with bright yellow branding just like the product.  Our Mystery Display Box includes a motion sensor on top that activates as consumers walk by to trigger audio, lights and a random video message on our 5” video screen which is mounted in one of the cube’s sides.  Consumers get a feel for the fun that awaits by engaging with the Mystery Display Box and seeing the unusual images popping up on our video screen.  The Mystery Display Box sits on shelves and counters adjacent to the actual product and serves to attract consumers and educate them on the whimsical new Lego Super Mario 64 Game Set.

Make sure your instore merchandising is engaging and exciting shoppers by partnering with Americhip to create a tech-enhanced, interactive display.  In today’s market, anything less is just not enough.

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