Americhip: Novo Nordisk Audio + Paper Engineered Brochure


Novo Nordisk Audio + Paper Engineered Brochure

Novo Nordisk Audio + Paper Engineered Brochure

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When you have a new product targeting a specific class of consumers, how can you best educate your partners on its key features and benefits?


Novo Nordisk’s new product Sogroya delivers unique treatment options for both children and adults with GHD. To get that message out to HCPs around the country, Novo partnered with Americhip to design an engaging interactive brochure combining a 15 second audio message and multiple paper-engineered dimensionalized elements. Proving that not all medical brochures need to be stuffy and generic, we added fun interactive elements to each spread to keep the physicians and office staff entertained while diving into the medical analysis and key performance descriptions.  Our paper engineers designed slide panels, lift and reveal icons and pull tabs to heighten the interactive flare of the communications brochure.  As a final element of engagement we included a push button that triggers our audio module playing the product’s musical brand logo.  The brochure also includes a pocket on the back to hold additional materials and a QR code to extend the dialogue with each channel partner.

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