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Dell Video Magazine Insert

Dell Video Magazine Insert

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Dell Computers has helped many of today’s popular and more importantly, successful companies go from start-up to global brand. And in order to leverage Dell’s success with these companies, Dell wanted to share their stories to inspire other small businesses and start-ups to look to Dell for their information technology needs. The objective was to run a magazine ad campaign that would deliver their messaging and excite prospective businesses about their potential and how Dell can help give them the “power to do more”.


With their target audience in mind, Dell decided to run an awe-inspiring magazine ad in Forbes Magazine that utilized Americhip’s patented Video in Print Technology. The five page ad had a 4.3” LCD screen and two chapter buttons that allowed readers to watch video content directly from the magazine. The ad also included an image showcase of Dell’s illustrious roster of brands as well as detailed stories of two of their clients, Shutterfly and TripAdvisor. Dell now had an informative and motivational ad that would conjure the entrepreneurial spirit of potential start-ups and businesses that are looking for that technology partner to get them to the next level.

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