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Hulu Specialty Promo Package

Hulu Specialty Promo Package

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It’s a story of time travel in which a professor from Maine gets the chance to go back to the early 1960s to prevent the assassination of JFK. This new miniseries written by Stephen King was an exciting one for Hulu, so the network wanted to announce the news of its new series in an exciting way.


Americhip created a one-of-a-kind case file box to house the time-sensitive materials! Designed to look like an official government file container from the 1960s, this hinged-lid, turned-edge box has a magnetic closure and the show’s name “typed” on a paper insert that appears to have been slipped into a metal label slot. Media and other influencers opened this authentic-looking file to find glowing reviews lining its inside cover and several promotional items aged to look like they are from the 1960s era nestled in the custom-designed wells within the box. The box conveys both a sense of investigative seriousness and the show’s aura of suspense. That’s exactly what Hulu was looking for.

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