Americhip: Helena Agri-Enterprises 30" Video Table Tent


Helena Agri-Enterprises 30" Video Table Tent

Helena Agri-Enterprises 30" Video Table Tent

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How can you ensure shoppers are able to find your product within the huge expanse of today’s big box and ultra large retailer outlets?


Go BIG and wow your shoppers with a 30 inch high countertop display that can’t be missed.  Americhip partnered with Helena and its agency on a truly unique Video Table Tent for its new Fastand product.   Designed in its unique kelly green branding and housing our 7” Video Screen, the Fastand Display breaks through the store’s clutter and grabs the attention of every shopper walking by.  A prominently placed Play Button prompts consumers to trigger the informative video which features scientists and farmers speaking to the product’s unique composition and strong performance.  The Video Table Tents were deployed in agricultural outlets across the country.

Our innovative snap-up technology provides additional benefits for the brand, retailer and installation team in that it allows the Video Tablet Tents to ship flat to save on freight costs and then to snap up into formation with no assembly required once in store.  These innovative communication tools can be placed on any flat surface:  countertops, registers, shelf-edge or even end-caps.

Let Americhip design just the right custom instore product for your needs by pairing our state of the art technology with innovative custom housings at an affordable price.

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