Americhip: Tyler Technologies Patented 5" Video Direct Mailer


Tyler Technologies Patented 5" Video Direct Mailer

Tyler Technologies Patented 5" Video Direct Mailer

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In today’s challenging environment where so many opportunities for face to face meetings are cancelled or postponed, how can you continue to communicate with and influence your core customers and prospects?


Put your message directly into the hands of your target audience with a Patented Video Mailer from Americhip.  Tyler Technologies is a leading supplier and innovator in the legal industry, working with courts and attorneys to develop innovative technologies to make the practice of law more efficient and just.  With so many events, trade shows and client meetings cancelled due to the pandemic, Americhip partnered with Tyler to let its president speak directly to his audience.  Utilizing our Patented 5” Video Mailer, Tyler’s president effectively outlines his company's unique resources and story and puts forth a clear vision for the future. 

Nothing sells a company like its top executives being in front of key industry people and sharing a powerful vision. When those face to face meetings are not possible, put our Video Mailers to use to deliver a powerful testimonial from one of your key influencers.

Signs of Success:

The Video Mailer performed so well for Tyler Technologies that within a few months it developed a second project with Americhip for a 7” Video Marketing Brochure to highlight a new service offering.

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