Americhip: Starbucks Advent Calendar


Starbucks Advent Calendar

Starbucks Advent Calendar

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As part of Starbucks annual retail program, the nation’s largest retail coffee chain was looking for a fun, family-oriented holiday gift item that was both fun and functional. Starbucks approached three vendors to present concepts for the retail gift.  Fortunately, Americhip was one of the vendors vying for the project, and unfortunately for the other vendors, mastery of paper engineering and design was involved.
Americhip presented a beautifully crafted book that clearly expressed the spirit of the season with its Advent Theme and Winter Scenery. The book opened up to an elegant pop-up scene with a holiday greeting from Starbucks.  The other element to the piece were multiple sections that represented each day on the Advent calendar. Each section could be opened up revealing a chocolate candy treat. This functionality, along with Americhip’s detailed execution, craftsmanship, and artistry, led the way for Starbucks to choose Americhip for this project.
Overall, Americhip was thrilled to have gotten the business from a major brand, but more importantly, it gave Americhip another chance to prove that its team of paper engineers and designers were second to none when it came to specialty packaging.


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