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Wrangler Video Blade

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Wrangler Video Blade

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Wrangler’s new Cool Vantage jeans actually perform better than other jeans on the market in terms of comfort and keeping consumers dry.  However, the standard, static point of sale signage available in most specialty and department stores simply wasn’t  working to communicate that message to busy consumers.  Wrangler needed a more compelling communication device to grab consumers’ attention.  


Americhip shared its innovative line of in-store solutions and custom resources with the Wrangler team.  In the end, Americhip’s new stock 7” Video Blades were just the right solution to convey the technology advancements of the new denim and jeanswear.   Americhip’s Video Blades had everything the client was looking for:  7” interactive video screen to communicate Cool Vantage’s unique features, rugged plastic lens for durability in store and a large footprint (19” long x 7” high) to grab attention.  Wrangler only needed a single 20 second video to get its message delivered.  And, as our line of Video Blades includes both horizontal and vertical designs, Wrangler was able to designate the preferred alignment for each outlet depending on the specific merchandise layout. 

Simple, direct and effective.

Signs of Success

Based on strong sales increase and positive feedback from consumers and Reps in the field,  VF Jeanswear doubled its order and placed another 1000 units in the field  just four months after the initial deployment.

And then after further sales success and positive feedback, the VF Jeanswear team deployed yet another round of Video Blades into several new classes of retailers to expand the reach of the 7” Video Blades.

Americhip’s Line of Patent-Pending Video Blades:

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