Americhip: WEI Patented Video Mailer


WEI Patented Video Mailer

WEI Patented Video Mailer

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Challenged with developing new corporate clients, this tech-based company needed an innovative solution to break through and deliver its message to busy senior executives.


Create a custom B2B communications piece whose content and design clearly demonstrate your standing as a tech leader and innovator.  Americhip designed the perfect Casebound Video Book for WEI, an IT consulting firm.  We used our innovative multi-spread design to allow WEI to share three success stories.  Each spread includes a diecut window and push button so the relevant video can play and highlight the specific case study.  The innovative execution perfectly matched WEI’s campaign tagline:  "Dedication Meets Innovation at Every Touchpoint."

When you have a compelling story to tell, complete with multiple success stories, let Americhip create the perfect B2B Video Book to let you break through and generate more opportunities.

Signs of Success:

The Video Brochures performed so well in terms of generating B2B opportunities that WEI has twice reordered the Video Business Development Kits from Americhip.

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