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Kohler Video Table Tent

Kohler Video Table Tent

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Kohler was launching its new line of “Intelligent Toilets” and needed an instore marketing tool to communicate the technological enhancements included in its new line.


Americhip partnered with Kohler to utilize our patent pending Snap-Up 7” Video Table Tent to create an innovative and informative instore communication device.  For consumers, the Video Table Tent grabs attention by triggering with a motion sensor anytime a shopper enters the nearby space and then delivers an important product tutorial on all of the innovative technological enhancements offered by the new line.  The fast-paced and informative video highlights the unique features of each of the six new products in the line-up and serves as a strong engagement and education tool right at the point of sale.

For the brand and retailer, our innovative snap-up design makes the Video Table Tent the perfect choice as it ships flat to save on freight costs and then once in store snaps up into formation with no assembly required.  Our Video Table Tents can be placed on any flat surface:  countertops, registers, shelf-edge or even end-caps.

Let Americhip design just the right custom instore product for your needs by pairing our state of the art technology with innovative, efficient paper engineering at an affordable price.

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